What's Hot in 2016

Happy New Year everyone! ?2016 is in full swing and that means time for changes. A new year means new trends and we have them all! ?Which one will you be trying in your home??
Parquet Flooring -?
A fancy word for geometric, this trend used to just be for hardwood. But now it comes in so many options, like vinyl and tile. ?Chevron and Herringbone are the most popular for this trend, but stay tuned for some more intricate patterns! ??
Reclaimed Wood -?
With the new trend towards eco friendly materials, reclaimed wood is taking off! ?Each piece is unique and durable, telling a story. This trend might be hard to find, only making it more popular!?
Blonde Floors -
We've talked about the extreme dark floors, but now the extreme lights are gaining in popularity. They make your space look bigger while hiding all the dirt and dust you haven't swept up.?
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