What makes porcelain tile flooring different from ceramic?

What makes porcelain tile flooring different from ceramic?

Tile flooring is an established favorite for bathroom and kitchen installation, and today, more and more homeowners are choosing ceramic and porcelain tiles for other home spaces, too.

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From clay to tile

Ceramic tile is made of coarse earthen clay, while porcelain tile is made of kaolin clay. More refined clay combined with a higher kiln temperature during the hardening process makes porcelain superior to ceramic tiles.

Ceramic tile flooring will serve you well for many years, but premium porcelain tiles are harder, denser, and, thus, more durable and less porous.

Tile characteristics

Porcelain tile is naturally waterproof and virtually impervious to water damage, even after prolonged exposure to water, while ceramic tile must be glazed to repel water.

Porcelain, a material that tolerates heavy foot traffic, is hard to cut, so installation is more laborious. Porcelain is more costly than ceramic tile but is the most durable flooring.

A wide range of tile flooring styles

Ceramic floor tiles tend to be solid in color and standard in size, while porcelain floor tiles are found in various designs, shapes, and sizes.

Homeowners often choose wood-look porcelain tiles for bathrooms and kitchens and stone-look designs for entryways and mudrooms. Border tiles and medallions, as well as layout patterns like chevron, elevate the look of any floor.

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