The New Face of Luxury Flooring

In the world of flooring, carpet is being replaced more and more with hard surfaces such as tile, engineered wood flooring and laminates.

The World Floor Covering Association had this to say about laminate flooring, ?It?s the fastest-growing portion of the industry in the past two years?.? Laminate floors are now being categorized as ?Luxury Vinyl? and are growing in popularity year by year.

Here are some of the reasons consumers are becoming increasingly more attracted to Luxury Laminate Flooring:

Photo Technology:? Laminates now mimic hardwoods (or just about any other hard surface material) so well that it is hard to tell if it is actually wood or vinyl.

Flexibility:? For Homeowners with challenging room breaks, laminates can be installed in any room of the home; due to superior protection against moisture, a homeowner can get that hardwood look in their kitchens and bathrooms.

Durability:? Laminates have a melamine wear layer on top so they are extremely resistant to scratching and hold up better in high traffic areas, against, pets, kids and high heels.

Affordability: Laminates provide customers the luxurious appearance of hardwoods at a more affordable cost for both material and labor to install their flooring.

The ?New? Laminates truly appeal to the desires of every consumer from the cost conscious to the environmentally astute. Luxury Laminates draw inspiration from art, nature and fashion to achieve the latest interior design trends while offering luxury, premium durability and practical value.