Thanks to YOU, we have a post-COVID-19 story

Thanks to YOU, we have a post-COVID-19 story

These last few months have been uncertain for many and a time of learning how to pivot and change business practices for most. We started off 2020 excited about the new opportunities ahead of us and brand-new relationships with flooring manufacturing companies creating beautiful new products for us to create the perfect space for your homes! As a local company that has been a part of the Southwest Florida community for over 35 years, it was overwhelming at times to watch other companies, colleagues and friends be affected and impacted by the COVID-19 virus in ways we were all not expecting. Hessler Floor Coverings has been an active and supporting member of the Southwest Florida community for some time. So, while we?ve seen our fair share of good times and bad, we have not seen such uncertainty as we have as of late. However, in the midst of everything happening around us, one thing has stayed true: we?re grateful to call Southwest Florida home! It?s with humility and appreciation that we share with you our COVID journey and a few reminder tips for how to keep your floors clean and COVID free!

Our COVID-19 Journey
As business processes evolve, we were and are grateful to continue employing all staff and installation crews with no interruptions. We have been able to maintain every staff person while upholding social distancing and taking extra cleaning precautions through all of our facilities and job sites. Our goal has always been to create the best experience for our guests and clients. That was no different as we adapted to comply with all CDC and government restrictions. We provide masks at every entrance and clean and deep-clean our spaces and showroom products on a regular basis. Additionally, we have updated our payment options and website choices to eliminate exchanging and touching payment methods and avoid unnecessary in-person shopping experiences. Our teams were able to complete several projects that we had already committed to as well as take on new projects within the community.

Our Community Participation
Actively participating in our community is important to the core of our company. While making more business practices digital, we participated in and facilitated several informative and supportive virtual meetings between employees, community partners, and industry leaders order to open up communication and dialogue about the changing business world around us. In addition to that, we had the opportunity to provide lunch to all employees for 30 days while supporting local eateries in an effort to give back to the community that has supported us all these years. Our team completed several charitable projects for Lee BIA Builders Care and actively worked on sponsorships and fundraising for our annual Bricks & Sticks Fishing Tournament. All proceeds from the tournament help fund future Builders Care projects. Through this partnership, we were able to meet a single mom impacted by COVID-19 and provide her with $1,000 in gift cards to help with daily needs for her and her children.

Lastly, we are partnering with a nonprofit called Ride Nature. It benefits the youth of today through mentoring and outreach programs using skateboarding, surfing and wakeboarding. Ride Nature is currently building an indoor skatepark in Fort Myers, that already provides meals to the homeless. The last project in the skatepark includes a barbershop where the homeless can get free hair care services. In order to finish this project, Ride Nature needed flooring to withstand long-term wear and tear. We are more than excited to provide wood laminate flooring for this space and support the great work that will help those in need in our community. For more on Ride Nature, visit:

Quick Tips for Clean Floors
Hessler Floor Coverings continues to take extra precautions to protect our employees and customers, we want to remind you of a few simple steps to keep your floors and home safe! It is estimated that 42% of people do not clean surfaces properly allowing the COVID-19 virus to live and possibly spread. So, let?s work together to limit bringing contaminants home by following these basic guidelines from our previous blog:

1. Address germs immediately

    2. Remove dirty clothing before coming into your home

      3. Develop a hand-cleaning routine

        4. Disinfect surfaces appropriately

          5. Remember to clean your floors

            Additionally, if you want a list of products that the EPA deems effective for killing the coronavirus, click on the link:

            We?re glad to continue serving our customers and community through the impact of the coronavirus. We are also beyond grateful to be a part of Southwest Florida and look forward to serving you for many more years to come. At Hessler Floor Coverings we are proud to be #FloridaStrong and appreciate your trust and the privilege to continue to serve you.

            We are #HesslerFloorCoveringsStrong
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