Is steam cleaning good for luxury vinyl flooring?

Is steam cleaning good for luxury vinyl flooring?

No. The thing that makes steam cleaning so popular is the same thing that will damage your luxury vinyl tile or plank, the two forms of luxury vinyl.

Loved, but not by synthetic floors

Steam heat uses hot vapor that eliminates germs, dirt, and grime. It can be especially significant for heavily trafficked rooms.

But synthetic floors don't do well with this kind of heat. Instead, they have microscopic air holes that can make it expand, buckle and wreak havoc with the clicking mechanism.

Remember, too, that waterproof flooring is another version of luxury vinyl. Unfortunately, that can also be damaged by steam cleaning.

The better way

One of the many benefits of this flooring is its low maintenance. All luxury vinyl plank or LVT needs regular sweeping and periodic mopping.

If possible, sweep every day. This is so the dirt won't embed, scratch, and cause pitting.

Pitting is when the dirt embeds in the grooves, and that can make cleaning difficult. If it happens, drip some cleaner in the grooves; let it sit for a few minutes, and wipe. Then, if necessary, repeat the process.

About mopping

Use a well-wrung mop with, preferably, a microfiber head. Only use products recommended by the manufacturer and avoid waxy, shine-promoting products.

Those cleaners can damage the finish and dull the vinyl plank, also called LVP flooring, or the tile-sized pieces.

Another good alternative is to make your cleaner. Use one cup of apple cider vinegar to one gallon of water. The vinegar is acidic enough to break up grime but not so much that it damages the floors.

Removing scuffs and stains

Scuffs are removed with a bit of WD-40. Stains can usually be removed with a little acetone or rubbing alcohol. See manufacturer instructions.

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