How To Choose the Right Color Carpet

Choosing new carpet for your home can seem overwhelming. ?Especially when you come in the showroom and see so many options. ?It may be hard to picture your whole room when looking at a tiny swatch. ?Here are a few of our best tips to put you at ease and make this process easier. ?And of course, all of our showrooms have carpet experts to help guide you in your choice.?

  • Lighting is a key factor in how your carpet will look at home. Make sure you take home your samples and test them out in the right lighting. ?
  • Dark colors are easier to hide stains, but lighter colors make rooms seem bigger and more open.
  • If your walls are the focal point in the room, keep the carpet neutral. ?On the flip side, if your walls are plain, choose a bright or patterned carpet to brighten up the room and avoid a plain feeling.
  • Check out our Houzz and Pinterest pages for some inspiration before you shop!

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