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Here are your top 4 tile trends

When it comes to tile flooring, keeping up with trends can be a big deal, especially if you want to remain current. Trends come and go, so you will want to know about these top four tile trends right now.

Trends that could change your home

This year?s trends for appearance options include the classic wood and stone look and Moroccan, terrazzo, and art deco. Putting these styles in place is comforting because they are likely to remain current for some time to come.

Blue, black, and gray are some of the trendiest colors this year, especially for kitchen tiles. However, you can't go wrong with white and high variation tiles to create fantastic ambiance and d?cor-matching elegance, all at the same time.

Layouts are meaningful too, and you certainly cannot go wrong with both Chevron and herringbone layouts, as well as wide-plank formats, to create the illusion of space. But specific shapes are also trending, such as hexagon, fan, triangle, and subway tile.

Nothing says you cannot combine some of these trends to create a fantastic look, such as black herringbone or high variation terrazzo. The possibilities are nearly limitless, so be sure to consider all your options.

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