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COVID-19 often means less of something ? less gatherings, less sports, less to do. But now through September 15th, when you shop Hessler Floor Covering, you?ll experience more with our Mohawk More Floor Sale! It?s up to 30% off and an opportunity to save up to $1,000 on select styles, with 0% interest for up to 18 months. And when we say more, it doesn?t just mean more for your money and an unbelievably large selection. It?s more sustainability, as Mohawk specializes in eco-friendly product lines that make for a healthier environment and, therefore, healthier families. So, if you?re going to spend a lot more time at home for the foreseeable future, why not invest in flooring that?s manufactured with your well-being in mind?!

Continuum Carpeting
Mohawk?s continuum process led to the recycling of 6.6 billion plastic bottles last year ? enough to wrap around the earth 33 times! After those bottles are crushed into pieces, those pieces are ground into pellets that are turned into carpet fiber used to make new carpet. The result? 63 reclaimed plastic bottles per square yard of carpet. You?ll see that very carpet in EverStrand Forever Fresh and EverStand, made with 100% recycled content via PET bottles. They reduce the presence of plastic in landfills, calling for fewer fossil fuels. Another big plus ? this manufacturing process makes the carpet more stain-resistant and stronger than others.

And then, there?s Airo. It?s SmartStrand carpet and rug collections are produced with proprietary bio-based polymer, which calls for less energy during manufacturing, and a stain-resistant inside the fibers that takes the place of chemical sprays. Even its laminate flooring is made from recycled wood fiber and chips. And at the end of an Airo floor?s lifecycle, it can be completely recycled ? bringing about even more sustainability.

In an effort to further divert carpet waste, Mohawk?s ReCover program has spent the last decade donating over 148.5 million pounds of carpet to new homes. It is now responsible for removing carpet and other materials from airplanes.

Other Green Products
But carpet is certainly not the only green flooring that Mohawk carries. Let?s not forget luxury vinyl collections like SolidTech ? the most natural hard flooring that the company carries. Then, there?s Moduleo ? made with water-based inks, PU coatings and reclaimed PVC materials normally sent to landfills.

Mohawk?s tile collection is also playing a big part in sustainability. The company uses kiln firing for ceramic tile. Their Dal-Tile plants recycle their scrap tile between Tennessee, Alabama and Texas with a mobile material recycler, putting the product to good use in this and other markets.

With several environmental certifications that are geared toward healthy products for your home, Mohawk invites you to check out all they have to offer right now! Call Hessler?s Fort Myers, Naples and Punta Gorda locations to find out more about the advantages of our end-of-summer sale and the many more ways that Mohawk?s sustainability efforts are making a global impact.
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