Best Time of Year to Buy Flooring

People often ask us what time of year would be the best to get new floors. Fall and Spring are the two best times of year to buy and install your flooring. ?Allow us to explain?

Living in Florida, things tend to get more than a little hot! ?Not that we are complaining, but it tends to put a damper on your new flooring for a few reasons. ?

Installation - Doors will be kept open during the installation process, and let?s face it, doors open all day may make your home a little uncomfortable.

Ventilation - It will help to keep windows open during and after the?installation to remove some of the fumes. Carpet installation is especially smelly!

Humidity - New flooring, especially hardwood, needs to acclimate to the indoor environment before they can be installed. ?This is easier in the spring and fall, when the air conditioning isn?t pumping at full tilt. ?If not properly done, the wood can be dried out and shrink. ?After all your money spent, you definitely don?t want that to happen!

?Hessler is a family owned business with locations in South Fort Myers, Naples and Punta Gorda. Their convenient showrooms are packed with all manner of floor covering including?carpet,?tile,?wood,?laminate?and vinyl.???