All-Weather Flooring

All-Weather Flooring

As hurricane season fades away and the winter months come back around, Southwest Florida is bound to experience a few cold fronts. But if you have weather-friendly flooring ? or know how to condition your floors to lower temperatures ? November through March will not be any trouble at all. In fact, if you stick with Hessler, your family may even welcome and enjoy the chill in the air. All it takes is a few tricks of the trade and handy dandy recommendations that everyone can keep in mind.

Luxury Vinyl Plank

Innovative, versatile and high performance are just a few of the words/phrases that come to mind when we think LVP. It offers the richness and texture of hardwood, ceramic tile and stone ? but without burning a hole through your pocket or leaving your feet to frost. It?s waterproof and doesn?t hold heat or cold, bringing year-long comfort to Floridians everywhere. And what?s better ? LVP is easy to maintain, because it resists scratches and doesn?t fade in sunlight, making it an ideal option for this region.

Carpeting and Tile

is equally fashionable and warm, so the next goal is durability. SmartStrand, for example, is easy to clean, resists stains, includes an all-pet warranty and will not fade in direct sunlight. However, carpet usually needs to be professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months, so seasonal residents who are only here for three or four months per year tend to opt out of this flooring option.

But like most things at Hessler, there is a cost-effective solution ? in this case, one that will keep you as warm as carpeting during a cold front, but without the high-maintenance factor. It?s the new Karastan Area Rug, providing customers with a cozy feeling and overall warm room. As Southwest Florida?s largest Karastan dealer, we always have a sale or payment plan made especially for our loyal clients. This is particularly good news for homeowners with tile, as it means heating up the room without having to forfeit the benefits of tile like durability; residence to cracks, stains, mold and mildew; and a no-fade advantage.


While hardwood flooring is usually high maintenance, it keeps the temperature more constant and provides heat that lasts. To combat issues like sensitivity to water, Hessler offers moisture readings before installation. This ensures that the subfloor is adequate and won?t create concrete-related damage.

As long as the wood is not exposed to direct sunlight, our team can work around the rest, bringing you gorgeous, timeless hardwood you?re guaranteed to love.

For more information on all-weather flooring and tips for any weather condition,?call one of our three locations today.